Minneapolis Hail Storm; May 28

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Hail Storm Hits Minneapolis; More Expected

Hail Storm Hits Minneapolis; More Expected

Swift moving storms with large hail and heavy winds wreaked havoc on central Minnesota, with most of the reported damage in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro area.

The calm after Monday’s storm provided some much needed time for people to start cleaning up in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.
Some people in the Twin Cities said this was even worse than both of the season’s first two storms.

The storm dropped hail that was 1 to 2 inches in diameter, which left behind a lot of damage.

“The hail, as you can see, damaged pretty much our whole roof,” said David Kuntz, of Shakopee, Minnesota.

Kuntz said he has been cleaning up since Tuesday morning, and his neighbors are all dealing with the same thing.

“Most of the homes in my neighborhood got hammered by this hail storm,” Kuntz said.

Freak hailstorms are caused by volatility caused by the presence of “big fluffy cumulus clouds”, a mixture of hot and cold air and the right amount of moisture in the air.

“You have all the right ingredients that then send these raindrops up a lot further into the atmosphere where it’s colder and then it freezes and then you start to get hail,” said Mr. Kuntz.

Other Minneapolis and Saint Paul residents echoed concerns.

“You’re looking at thousands of dollars in damage,” said Burnsville homeowner Ross Quade. “I have been here 26 years and I have never seen anything like this before.”

The damage extends far beyond the southern metro and into surrounding neighborhoods.

“We had nine windows out, including one skylight,” said Chip Zawislaski. His Greenwood Terrace home was hit hard by the storm.

He hid in the basement with his nine year old son when the hail started crashing down.

“It was like being in a warzone it was coming from every direction,” he said.

Although there is still a lot of cleaning up to do, residents and local business owners said they are thankful the damage wasn’t worse.

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