Roofing Quotes in Minnesota

Roofing Quotes in Minnesota

Homeowner Insurance Claims – A Season in Review

Severe hail in the last few months has damaged thousands homes around the area. Claims adjusters and roofing contractors have been busy getting repairs underway.

State Farm Insurance, one of many insurance companies working in the area, has received about 3,500 claims for hail damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles for damages from the most recent hail storms.

Tom Hanson and his wife were at home when the storm hit their house in the Southwest neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“After being inside and listening to all the hail come down, in knew it was going to be major damage,” Wilson said.

One hail stone went all the way through one of his windows.

“Had to be from this opening,” Hanson said. “We found a hail stone in on the couch, which has got to be 25 feet away.”

By the time the storm was over, the vinyl siding looked more like Swiss cheese. Some roofing was damaged. And several of his windows and screens were broken.

“We have filed a claim with the insurance company and are just waiting for the adjuster to come up and tell us what I can and cannot do and what they’ll pay for,” Hanson said.

Just a few houses down from the Hanson’s, Orlando Henderson, with Bayport Roofing inspects another damaged home. Dented gutters and damaged roofing will have to be replaced.

Henderson suggests homeowners contact a contractor right away, as well as their insurance agent.

“You’re going to want to get a contractor out to inspect your roof,” Ante said. “And if you have some holes in your roof, get those emergency repair. Because most roofers, including ourselves, are going to be backed up doing a lot of this work next year.”

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