Minneapolis Hail Damage Claim

Storm Damage and Insurance Restoration Claims

The Insurance Claims Process:

Filing an insurance claim for damage sustained in a tornado, hail storm, or other type of catastrophe is not something most of us do on a daily basis. The process can be intimidating and time consuming, especially if certain procedures are not followed.

We will guide you through every step of the process:

An established building contractor who is already familiar with the claims process will ensure your property is properly restored. Bayport is a leading expert in the insurance restoration process.  Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are here to offer our assistance in the insurance claims process.

The Inspection:

If you suspect hail or wind damage from a recent storm, the first call should always be to an experienced roofing and siding contractor. If you choose Bayport Roofing and Siding as your insurance restoration contractor, we will conduct a thorough, non-invasive, and FREE inspection of your property for any and all storm-related damage. If there is damage, we will find it. We will photo-document and review in detail with you all of our findings.

No Damage: If we don’t find enough damage to warrant an insurance claim, we’re happy to give you the peace of mind that your home is in fine condition.

Damage: If there is substantial damage to your property, we will suggest filing an insurance claim to restore your home back to, if not better than, it’s pre-storm condition.

Will filing the claim raise my insurance rates? NO!! This is precisely why you pay your annual dues to your insurance company. These catastrophic storms are considered Acts of God. You did nothing to cause the damage to your home, and it will not be held against you if you choose to get it repairs.

Filing the Claim:

If damage is found, the first call should always be to your insurance company’s designated claims office – not your personal insurance agent. Many agents are not responsible for or trained, in many cases, to handle the claims aspect of your policy.

For your convenience, we have provided the numbers to most of the larger insurance companies’ disaster relief claims offices – (File a Claim Here). If you choose Bayport Roofing and Siding as your insurance restoration contractor, we will usually be able to handle this step for you.

The claim handler will assign claim number and a claims adjuster. Write this number down, as it will be very important throughout the process. Call your Bayport Roofing and Siding representative and provide the adjuster’s name, contact information and appointment time, if an appointment has already been scheduled.

The Adjuster Meeting:

Shortly after filing a claim, a field adjuster from your insurance company will contact you to schedule a time to inspect your property. Let us know the day and time of your adjuster meeting, and we’ll be there. As much as they appreciate your business, the insurance carriers ultimate goal is to keep their expenditures down. Thus, it is critical for your Bayport representative to attend the initial inspection meeting to serve as your advocate.

An field representative from Bayport Roofing and Siding will meet with the insurance adjuster and go over all of the damage together, making sure that your inspection is thorough and that no damage is overlooked, and unaccounted for. Detailed measurements of the roof and other damages will be taken at that time.

Whenever possible, your Bayport Roofing and Siding represe

Roofing Minneapolis

ntative will provide a satellite imaged, engineered report detailing the exact roof measurements which will further assist in documenting the damage. Our roofing and siding specialists go the extra mile to make sure you will be expertly represented during the initial inspection.

Ensuring a Fair Settlement:

Once the insurance adjuster assesses the extent of damages to your home, he or she will provide a claim summary detailing the scope of repairs or replacement. Most insurance carrier use a pricing software called Xactimate to determine the fair market price of your roof  replacement. For this reason, Bayport Roofing and Siding also uses Xactimate to generate our estimate for your project, ensuring that all of your losses are fully accounted for. When you receive the adjuster’s claim summary we will compare it to our own to make sure nothing has been omitted from the scope of the project.


You should receive the initial check about the same time the claim summary arrives. It may have your mortgage company’s name on it, in which case you would have to contact them to find out the proper procedure for getting their endorsement. Each company has specific directions to follow. There may be additional paperwork needed by the mortgage company. This process can take up to 10 days.  If a supplemental check is issued, it too may have the mortgage company listed on it and the same procedures would need to be followed.

The initial check may seem small compared to the full amount of the roof. There are two reasons for this – (1) the depreciation, and (2) your deductible.

Depreciation: Most homeowners choose to insure their home with a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) coverage policy, as opposed to a Actual Cost Value (ACV) coverage policy. Payment based on the replacement cost of damaged  property is usually the most favorable figure from a homeowner’s point of view, because it compensates the insured for the actual cost of replacing the damaged roof, with a brand new roof – at current market rates.

If you have a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) coverage policy, the insurance company will disperse the remaining balance in the form of a depreciation check, which is withheld until after the work has been completed. If you have a RCV policy, the depreciation amount that is retained by the insurance company will be issued to you after the replacement of your damaged items is complete.

Deductible: The deductible is the portion withheld by the insurance company that you have to pay out of pocket to have work completed.  The deductible is your co-pay which you will pay to Bayport Roofing and Siding.

The full cost of the roof replacement is the sum of the first insurance check, your deductible, the amount of depreciation and any supplements.

Installation of Roof:

Once the first insurance check, deductible and insurance loss statement are received the roofing and siding will be installed.

Replacing a roof, siding, or gutters is a major undertaking, and on the biggest investment of your life: your home. At Bayport Roofing and Siding, we take every precaution to ensure that we leave your property better than how we found it. Here are a few things that we promise, and a few things we suggest:

  1. We will place tarps all around your landscaping and across all garage doors and will remove & reset any patio furniture to eliminate any collateral damage.
  2. We will go over your property dozens of times with a rolling magnet, picking up any loose nails.
  3. We suggest that you remove any items from your interior walls, so as not to risk them falling with all the hammering. You should also keep all pets inside and park all cars on the street.

Recovering the Depreciation:

After the roof has been installed, Bayport Roofing and Siding will provide the necessary documentation to the insurance company to let them know the work is complete.  If the depreciation withheld was recoverable, we will ask for the release of those funds. The insurance company will most likely call you to confirm that the project is complete and will then release the final check. It is possible that if a supplement was added for an omitted damaged item, it may be included in the final check along with the depreciation.

Bayport Roofing and Siding will be happy to make the follow up calls to confirm receipt of this documentation on your behalf to ensure timely processing. Mortgage companies may require their own inspection before they endorse and release the depreciation back to you. It is recommended that you ask them about this when you contact them initially for their required procedures.

Beware – If you have been approached by a contractor with a lower bid than the insurance loss statement your insurance company will not allow you to keep the savings. Either you or your contractor has to provide a false invoice to the insurance carrier to recover the depreciation. If a contractor has presented this illegal offer of savings you may be in danger of participating in insurance fraud.

Making the Final Payment:

Once you receive your last insurance check, and mortgage company endorsements are made, we will collect the final amount due on the roofing and/or siding job. As a courtesy to our clients we provide a 30-day grace period from roof installation to make the final payment on the depreciated amount.

But even then, our relationship isn’t over:

Referrals are our life line. We greatly appreciate your recommending us to friends, family, and neighbors so that they, too, can “Discover the Difference.”